#1 Delt Chapter


Butler U's chapter was honored with a Hugh Shields Flag award for being named a top ten Delt Chapter. Additionally, this is the second time in three years that the Beta Zeta was also recognized as the #1 overall chapter.

The chapter received the prestigious Hugh Shields Flag at the February 2014 Northern Division Conference. Fourteen BZ brothers were on hand for the ceremony. The flag is displayed in the chapter's formal living room, just inside the front door.

The flag is awarded to the top 10 Delt Chapters for excellence in academics, financial viability, recruitment, membership education, chapter operations, campus leadership/involvement, community service and philanthropy, alumni relations and chapter programming. The Beta Zeta chapter has received this award 11 times since 2003. The chapter is also a 18-time recipient of the Court of Honor award given to chapters ranked in the top-20 (13 out of the last 14 years).

Campaign for Excellence within $64K of reaching goal!

To date, we have pledges of $686,145 toward our overall goal of $750,000.  For more information about the Campaign, renovation plans, and our Donor Honor Roll, please click on SHELTER CAMPAIGN tab, above.

TWO Secure Donation Portals Accept Credit Cards

There are two Donation Sites to accept recurring gifts for the Beta Zeta Campaign.  One is listed on the DONATE NOW of this website.  The other is provided by Delta Tau Delta Education Foundation. Gifts less than $5,000 may use either.   For tax deductions for gifts exceeding $5,000, please use the Delt Foundation website shown below.....


1) Under amount choose other and enter your total pledge / payment periods (i.e. $5000/60=$83.33 per month over 5 years)
2) Under designation-> Other-> Type in Beta Zeta Campaign
3) Type of Gift-> Recurring
4) Comments-> End recurring payments when pledge is complete

Also, many employers match charitable donations.  Use the link below to check your company or ask your HR department.

Matching Gift Search Engine


Campaign for Excellence

This past April we officially announced The Commitment to Excellence Campaign...to meet our growing need of providing an exceptional, competitive living and learning environment for our undergraduate men.
We are proud to share with you our Campaign Brochure detailing the campaign (found under the SHELTER CAMPAIGN tab). Also available in this section are conceptual plans to make the Shelter a more attractive home--meeting the needs of today's students, as well as a list of alumni who have accepted the invitation to provide early support.

To point out two unique aspects of this campaign: (1) Butler's enrollment continues to grow -- and the Greek system along with it -- and the goals of this project align with the goals of our alma mater, and (2) our talented undergraduates, typically strapped for cash but encouraged and passionate about their fraternity, have committed $50,000. This, however, did not distract them from raising over $20,000 for Trike this past spring! They take seriously their obligation to pave the way for future Delts. We are proud to call them brothers and see our gifts as an investment in these young men.
Despite early success, we still need considerable support from a significant number of brothers to reach our goal of $750,000. We respectfully as that you join us in these efforts. Would you consider a personal commitment today over a year---or even five years? Donors who pledge at least $2,500 will be eligible for tax deduction.
We realize how often each of you are asked to support worthwhile projects, and it is our hope that you will remember the fraternity's impact on your own life and consider making a meaningful gift to this campaign so that our young men have similar opportunities fro growth, development, and brotherhood. We, as the Campaign Board, chose to stretch our personal financial commitments and hope that you will do the same. If you have already made a gift, THANK YOU! If you have not, please do to our Donate Now section.
Most of our fond memories of our time at Butler would not have been possible if it were not for the Shelter we were privileged to call home, and from where we helped Delta Tau Delta create standards of scholarship, activities, and leadership on campus. This standard remains strong today, as Beta Zeta is one of the very best fraternities at Butler...and within our International Fraternity. Please join us as we begin paving the way for those that follow.
If you have already made a gift, thank you! If you have not, please Click on the PDF in the right hand column to view & print a pledge form or click on the DONATE NOW page to use our secure payment website.)
Beta Zeta Campaign Board 

 Winstan R. "Bud" Sellick '44
 David Wachter '89 - Chairman
 Rick Berry '90 Austin Dempsey '01
 Russell M. Nichols '02- House Corp Treasurer
 Leroy E. Rhea '02 - House Corp President
 Sean Howard '93
 Randy Claybrook '88
 Dustin Sickinger '05
 Derek Burns '04
 Matt White '89

135 Years of Tradition at Butler University

Delta Tau Delta was founded in 1858 at Bethany College in present day West Virginia. Delta Tau Delta was born of the knowledge that integrity is essential. The founding principles of Truth, Courage, Faith and Power have provided a guide for both the Fraternity and its membership. Since 1858 the Fraternity has spread to nearly 200 campuses with over 130 active chapters and colonies comprised of about 8,000 undergraduate members.

The Beta Zeta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta was founded at Butler University in 1878. It was established with the founding principals and it excels in all areas on campus including service, academics, and athletics.


The large granite rock serves as a directional beacon for Delts and friends everywhere to find our "shelter" on the Butler University campus. We are located at 4340 Haughey Ave. in Indianapolis, Indiana.